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Premium Entryways

An exclusive collection of decorative glass families.

Close attention to detail produces truly distinctive

designs you won’t find anywhere else.

More than 10% wider glass* welcomes more light

into the home and creates a distinctive entryway.

Fiberglass lite frames are made with the same material

as the door to blend seamlessly with the rest of the

entryway when stained or painted.

All sidelites are made with flush-glazed glass for a

truly seamless, consistent appearance.

All clear glass options are Low-E, providing

long-term energy efficiency.

Doors come to life with




A Therma-Tru door system with decorative glass can create an entrance

that makes a statement — one that says you have high standards for style,

quality and craftsmanship.

Numerous glass colors, textures, shapes and caming options are

available to complement any Therma-Tru door.

Our glass designs are researched in the market to ensure they are highly

rated in consumer preference.

Our decorative glass is handcrafted and built with all-glass bevels for

premium quality.

Our glass designs offer varying levels of privacy and light to suit your needs.

All Low-E and clear glass panels are tempered to provide added safety.


Premium Glass

Standard Glass

More than 10%

wider glass




& Smooth-Star



A portfolio of interchangeable decorative glass designs.

Standard 22" glass width with Lip-lite frame and

flush-glazed options with 25"–27" glass width invite light

into the home for a more brilliant interior.

Lip-lite frames are heat and fade resistant, and

suitable for use with a storm door.

Low-E glass is available for internal blinds, divided lites

and clear glass, providing exceptional energy efficiency.

Triple-Pane Construction

Most decorative and privacy

glass features triple-pane

construction for reduced

outside noise and increased

energy efficiency.

Contributes to an

energy-efficient home.


Decorative & Specialty Glass